Friday, May 14, 2010

I miss my bed!

What can I say? I am a slacker. I could make up reasons as to why I haven't written (pregnant and sick, moved, still unpacking, not ready for baby that is coming sooner than I think) but the real reason is I am just lazy :) But as I sat on the floor last night in my girls room I was writing in my head. So I thought I would share it with you today.

I miss my bed!!! Josh and I recently got a new bed. And it is FANTASTIC! We have only had it for a whole 10 days. And after sleeping on it for 2 nights we went out of town. Now don't get me wrong, the vacation was wonderful. We had a relaxing time swimming in nice warm water for 2 days. But our bed in the hotel left a lot to be desired. It felt like one whole side of the bed was broken and falling. It was hard to stay on one side of the smaller double bed. Unfortunately Josh discovered the morning we were checking out (after sleeping in the bed for 3 nights) that the real problem with the bed was that it was not on the frame right. We probably could have fixed it in seconds the first night had we just looked. Oh well! Not to big a deal as we were leaving and heading back home to our new bed! We got home Sunday night, and we were both looking forward to a good nights sleep in our bed. And we were rewarded. It was fantastic! But it has been 4 more nights since then and oh how I wish that I could say the same for them.

Monday night started with me being sick. A couple of times :( And then it went on to my youngest waking me up and then my second youngest and so on. So I didn't get to sleep the whole night in my bed. Tuesday night was worse :( I wasn't sick (thank goodness) but my kids were. I was up at least a dozen times that night with 4 different kids! Needless to say, they all went to the doctors the next morning. Prognoses: One with allergies that are making her ear hurt; One with an ear infection; One with an ear infection and swimmers ear in the other ear; One that had nothing they could find wrong! Maybe it was teething or allergies or just something viral that would have to pass.

So now we have one kid one allergy meds (still complaining of ear pain); One kid on antibiotics (who is now acting sicker than she was on Wednesday and complaining of a soar throat); One kid on antibiotics and ear drops (but his ears still hurt, although it is the ear with swimmers not the infection that hurts more); And one kid who wants meds all the time, but isn't prescribed anything (although we did try allergy meds last night for her and she is not complaining of a soar throat as much today, but she still wants meds though).

So Wednesday night I had hopes of sleeping in my bed. We had different drugs for all the sick kids, so maybe everyone would sleep all night... Not so lucky! I wasn't up AS much as Tuesday night, but I was still up with all four sick kids. Now we hit Thursday. Cat seems a little bit better. She actually ate something after she had had meds (she really hadn't eaten much since lunch on Sunday). And she didn't just sit in a chair. She was up and moving around and actually picked up some toys to play with (she hasn't worn underwear all week even though she is potty trained because she felt to sick to go to the bathroom). But Savannah started to get worse. And worse. By Thursday evening I was glad I had somewhere to go to get out of the house and a way from whiny kids (thanks Josh). So I left. And came home to all the kids a sleep (again thanks Josh). SO my hopes came back that maybe I would get to sleep in my bed all night long.

Sadly no :( Cat was up and stirring before we went to bed. And then Savannah. Who stayed up for a while with the hopes that we would let her come out of her room and join us (we didn't). Finally Josh and I went to bed (or should I say Josh, I fell a sleep in a recliner and didn't make it to bed right away). But I did try to go to bed. And maybe if I had just left the light on in the girls room we would have been OK. But just after I fell a sleep in my nice NEW bed Savannah woke up again. And then Cat started to stir. And at this point I got heart burn (don't tell Josh, he told me not to eat the peperoni last night), and couldn't lay down or I would have been sick. I tried to get comfortable on the floor of the girls room (Savannah was still a wake) and I thought about going back to my recliner to try and sleep (I am afraid I might be there many more nights in the next few weeks because of heart burn). Then Brooklyn stirred. Her ear was irritating her. So more meds for her. After a little while longer the heart burn calmed down (a little) and both Cat and Brooklyn were a sleep. I wanted my bed. So Savannah, who was still a wake and whiny got moved to the chair in my room. I left the light on in the girls room (learned my lesson the first time), and I went back to bed. I think I actually got to sleep for 4 hours straight before I realized I had over slept the alarm and had better get going to get kids to school on time.

But those 4 hours were great. I LOVE my new bed. I don't seem to wake in the middle of the night to turn over like I was and have done during the end of my pregnancies. And maybe I just don't turn, but I don't hurt either. And luckily for Josh and me, we both like a more firm bed. I went bed shopping with my mom and she and I could not share a bed! Glad that Josh and I can :)