Monday, December 27, 2010

The Story Continues...

So Friday the 19th I danced with the VERY cute guy many times (after I asked him to dance... you can read that story if you go back a post).  I saw him next two days later at church.  He invited me to sit next to him during Sunday school class.  He asked me at the end of class if I was going to stay after church for the linger longer the singles ward was doing.  I had to tell him no...  That I would not be staying because I had to go to a Christmas party for one of my paramedic preceptors (that is the paramedic I was working under on the ambulance).  I didn't really want to go... for many different reasons...  It was Sunday.  It was about twenty miles out of town to get to her house.  Everyone there would be drinking.  I would only know three people there.  So again I didn't really want to go.  But it would be like your Collage instructor asking you to their party...  I didn't see how I could not go.  Plus it was also her wedding reception.  But no one knew she was getting married but me and one other person (besides her family).  And come to think of it, I don't think she even invited her partner on the ambulance to the party...  So I had to go.  It would be insulting to her if I didn't go.  And so I left church on the 21st of December to go to a party/wedding reception. 

I had to work on Christmas Eve.  I don't remember why I didn't drive to work that day...  someone else needed the car...  But I didn't drive to work, and so when I got back to AMR's headquarters I called my parents house to see if my ride was coming...  That is when I found out that Someone had ring and rang my family... leaving a teddy bear on the door step with my name on it :)

I was hoping that it was from the Very cute guy from church, but I had my doubts.  He only knew my first name, and he didn't know where I lived.  I was more afraid that it was from a guy that worked at AMR that was "stalking" me.  And I knew that he knew where I lived (I had had to re-certify my CPR and he was the one that handled the paper work... which had my address on it).  Unfortunately my ride took a little while to get there to get me and then we had to drop off a couple of plates of goodies to people on the way home.  So I had to wait to find out who had sent me the bear...

I finally got home and was very relieved and excited to find out the the Cute guy from the dance was very resourceful.  He had figured out where I lived and he was the one to drop off the Teddy Bear!!!

The Teddy Bear had a card that said if I had any questions on the care for the Bear I could call.  And then he signed his name and left his phone number...

Now it was really too late to call him when I got home (it was actually almost Christmas).  So I waited until the next afternoon (Yes I called him on Christmas day!).  We talked for a little while (an hour or two) and he asked me out for that Saturday (the 27th).  The singles were going Ice Skating.  So he asked me to go with him.  I said of course!!!

I was suppose to work Saturday for AMR.  But I told them I wouldn't be there (my date with the cute guy was set for the early evening and my shift would have gone until 9 or 9:30).  Sometime time in the early afternoon the Cute Guy called to say that he would not be getting off as early as he would like.  He needed to cover for a fellow worker (who actually covered for him so he could go to the dance that we met at).  He said he would call me when he got off and if it wasn't too late we could go out then...

I'm not sure what time he called at but it was too late to go ice skating.  But I told him we could still go and do something.  So we decided to go to a movie.  And he told me to pick one...  I had No clue what to pick...  I didn't know a whole lot about this Cute guy.  So I went with a safe movie (even if it was a little cheesy/sappy).  We went and saw Anastasia.  And it was very cute and I had a wonderful time with the cute guy.

He drove me home... and much to my horror there were two cop cars out in front of my parents home.  I tried to lie and say that they were probably for the neighbor, but when the cops brought my brother out hand cuffed there really wasn't much I could say about it....

Needless to say the cute guy did NOT kiss me good night :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

It's Late! Are You Sure You Really Want to Go To The Dance???

So Cute!!!

Thirteen Years ago today, at this exact moment (It's 6:21 pm) I was working... For free!  I was actually on an ambulance as a third rider doing my internship for paramedicine.  We had to have some insane amount of hours on the ambulance... I can't remember the number right now, but it was something like 500 or 800 hours.  Now by the 19th of December I had actually finished the hours I needed to, but I did not have enough ALS call hours.  I needed 100 ALS calls (Advanced Life Support) and because I was working more day time hours I had not reached the required number.  So I continued going to work every day and paying AMR $15 a day to work for free for them :(  But I LOVED it.  I loved the paramedics I worked with and had a blast most every day.  So back to the 19th...

Never a dulh moment

The 19th was a Friday that year (1997). I can't remember if I was on my 9pm shift or my 9:30 shift, but either way I was late getting off.  I had planned when I left for work that morning to go to the Young Single Adult dance that evening.  My sister was back in town for Christmas, and we were going to go have some fun (hopefully).  But I got off late.  And it was probably 10 or later when I got home form work.  But it was a Friday night and I didn't have to be to work until 10am.  My sister left, my mom still questioning, and headed to the dance.

We walked in to the dance and I noticed that this cute guy I had seen in church a few weeks back was talking to my friend from High School.  I had wanted to meet this new guy who was recently back from his mission, and I thought that if I went up and said hi to my friend, that he might introduce me to him...   I didn't noticed that as I was walking up to my friend from High School, the cute guy and the girl they were talking to that a slow song came on...  I went to Donovan (my friend) and said hi...  He did not introduce me to the guy and girl he was talking too...  Instead he gave me a BIG hug and asked me to dance... :(

Now don't get me wrong Donovan was nice and all, but a lot like a brother, and my whole plan had back fired...  The evening went on and I never got a chance for Donovan to introduce me to the cute guy...  But I kept an eye on him as the night went on.  I noticed that he danced with the girl from the beginning a lot.  I even started to wonder if they might be dating...  The night went on and I had fun (despite the LAME pick up line a guy used on me... don't worry it back fired on HIM).  Towards the end of the night I noticed that the Cute guy was not dancing with the girl he had been with.  She was dancing with other guys, and he was not dancing (on the slow songs) at all!  I think I probably watched him for a few slow songs...  It took me that long to get the courage up.  But finally I made the long walk across the gym to where he was sitting on a table, and asked him to dance!!!

I love you Josh!!!

We danced the rest of that song and then he asked me to dance the next four or five slow songs (They never play that many slow songs together... Even at the Young Single Adult dances)!!!  So yes mom...  The answer to your question on if I really wanted to go to the dance even though it was late is YES!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hats! Hats! Hats!

Myra modeling
 one of the hats!



I know that I have been absent a lot lately on the blogging world...  That's because I have been on the knitting front.  And knitting I have done.  I finished my 20th hat today ( I think... there might have been more, I have kind of lost count).  Now not all of the hats have turned out the best... And some of the hats have ended up fitting someone other than the child it was intended for... But over all they have turned out good and  I have had a lot of fun!  I have given some away, and will be giving many more away I am sure.  I have even learned how to make flowers and bows!!!  So enjoy some hats!  I am off to start another one :)

Pink and purple hats with flowers!

Boy animal hats!

White Bunny, Purple Bear,
 Lady Bug, and Blue Dog Hats!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Myra is 5 Months old!!!

Myra's smile

Myra is 5 months old... and if I don't hurry and get this done she will be 6 months old :(  Time is going WAY to fast and I find myself running out of time to get things done (and energy).  A lot of days I just feel too over whelmed and then I shut down and get nothing done... well except knitting :)  I have knitted so many hats that I have lost count.  And I want to knit so many more (lets hope there is time) before Christmas.  Maybe one of these days I will post some more pictures of all the hats... maybe.  But back to Myra...

Not Myra's "first" turn,
but still one of the first

Myra's list of accomplishments in no particular order...

On her belly

*Still wiggles a lot!   Decided to make her first turn from back to her stomach while I was out :(  But she was nice enough to show me the next day.  She turned from her stomach to her back for the first time on her 5 month mark!  Look out house there is no stopping her now!!!

*Sleeps good... mostly... still not at MY bed time.

First food

Not too sure about it

*Started trying baby food... rice cereal...  Not to sure she liked it.  But will take it in her bottle.  I had hoped it would help her sleep more through the night .  It didn't :(  She has also tried real food... liked that a lot better!  Has finished the whole nursing thing :(  Bottles are just much easier (for mom too)

*Smiles even more than last month. Still not for the camera (unless you are lucky)

caught red handed
*Laughs a lot!  Very ticklish... And loud!

*Like to destroy her bed :)  Just like all her brothers and sisters

Action shot

*LOVES her tongue...  still licks EVERYTHING with it!!! It is still always out of her mouth!  And with the tongue comes drool!  Lots of drool!

* Had her first Halloween!  She was a cute lady bug! (thanks Mindy)

Happy Halloween
*Still long and thin... But she is up in to the 20 percentile for her age


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*Her hair still looks red... what little there is... maybe it will start growing here soon

*Her eyes are still blue!

*Still most loved Baby EVER!!!

Myra 11-18-10