Monday, February 15, 2010

I started a post the other day, but I didn't get it finished... It probably would be better to have that post first, but oh well. I want this post for today :)

Today is the 15th of February. Josh and I call it "Engagement Day". A little fun fact about Josh and me... we don't celebrate Valentine's Day. We never have. It goes back to our first Valentine's day when we were dating. I was out of town... actually I was out of the country. I had gone to Europe with my brother and his family. The trip to Europe was planned before I met Josh. But we weren't getting back until the 15th of February. Josh and I met and started dating after I had said I would go, and we were both a little sad that I wouldn't be back for Valentines Day. Looking back now I think it has all worked out great.

So back to today... I had been in Europe for 18 days, and I wasn't suppose to get back to Colorado Spring until after 8 pm (I think). The day before my brother changed my flight so that I would get home earlier (I had a long lay over in Chicago), but I would fly into Denver. Josh was going to pick me up from the airport, so I did get to call him on Valentines Day to make sure he could come up to Denver instead to get me. He said yes of course :)

I would love to say that I remember all the details of everything that happened that day... but I had been up a LOT of hours by the time I got back to Denver. I do remember that Josh was there waiting for me with red roses (I lost a bet with my brother, but that is an other story). It took a few minutes to find each other, but I was very happy to see him. We got my luggage and then headed for his car (Jasmine... you might have read about her before). Waiting for me on the front seat was a turtle and a card, but I couldn't open the card. Josh proceeded to blind fold me at some point... it might not have been right away, but I do remember driving blind folded for a while. After driving for a while, Josh parked the car. He told me to wait and he'd be right back. After a few minutes he came back and got me out of the car and took me on a short walk. He even had a coat for me because it was cold (and silly me I went to Europe in the middle of winter with only a jacket... that's another story). So anyways Josh took me on a short walk and then had me sit down on a blanket. There was soft romantic music playing, but I honestly can't remember for sure what the song was (it might have been "At the Beginning" from Anastasia). He then put a card in my hands and told me to take the blind fold off. We were sitting on a blanket out side the gates to the Denver Temple (were we ended up getting married). I opened the card, and I don't remember what it said (I still have it somewhere but I'm not going to try and find it tonight), but it was something to the effect about marriage. Josh then proceeded to ask me to marry him. I said Yes (of course). Josh had a beautiful ring for me. We kissed, and then we hurried back to the car (it was really cold)!

After that we drove back to Colorado Springs. We stopped first at his families home to tell them, and then we went on to my parent's home. Josh had decorated my room as well. He had put Hershey Kisses all over my floor. There was a huge heart that said inside "Karen my princess I love you". I think (I have pictures but they are packed). I was a wonderful night that started a new tradition for us. We decided after getting Engaged on the 15th, that we would celebrate "Engagement Day" instead of Valentines Day. And it actually works out great... Restaurants are less busy on the 15th. Much easier to find baby sitting, and you can hit the stores early on the 15th and get all the candy, flowers, card, etc. from Valentines day for 50% off :) Happy Engagement Day Josh!!!! Love you!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I have been waiting for today to share this post, so here's hoping I have enough energy left to finish. Today is Groundhogs Day! Josh and I celebrate it every year by watching the movie Groundhogs Day (hope he gets home soon so we can watch it tonight). But eleven years ago today we celebrated another way too. We found out we were going to be parents. I'd like to say that I remember the dates I found out I was pregnant with all of my kids, but I can't. But I do remember this first time though.

I don't remember the exact time but it was early evening. Josh was on the phone with family friends the Costly's. I think I must have already been in the bathroom when they called, because I can't imagine going in to take the pregnancy test while he was on the phone. All though who knows, maybe I just didn't want to wait. But I took the test, and waited the allotted three minuets before I looked. And sure enough I was pregnant. I was very excited! I went out and showed Josh (who was still on the phone). He was excited too, but not verbal (he didn't want to let on to the people he was on the phone with). I don't remember the rest of the evening, I'm sure we watched Groundhogs Day, because we always do. I know that we didn't tell anyone that night. We waited until the next day to tell our families. We went on our lunch break to our moms (we worked two minutes from each other and had lunch at the same time). We went and told Josh's mom first. And her reaction was interesting... I'm not sure I want to post it all. But needless to say she was very excited. I then took Josh back to work and then went and told my mom (my lunch break was two hours long). My mom was also very excited. And so eleven years ago today we found out our family was going to grow... and grow it has :)
I don't have a scanner so my older pictures are limited. These were the oldest pictures I could find of Josh Jr. I think he was 9 or 10 months old.