Monday, May 27, 2013

All caught up :)

I think tonight might be a record for me... I was a little behind on my blog post, and since Josh took the older boys to a movie, I thought I might try to get caught up. 28 blog post tonight (and under 2 hours)! Mostly just pictures, but still 28 posts! Hopefully I dont ever get that far behind again (but with school, who knows). Good Night!!!

Makeup Post 5-26-13

I was trying to get homework done the other day, and so I put a movie on for Myra. This is what she told me… “It is really scary. It has a witch in it and it will scare you. Just go do your homework and I will watch it.”

Makeup Post 5-25-13

The swimming pool opened today! Months of hard worked paid off. It was a beautiful day (not that we made it swimming) :)

Makeup Post 5-24-13

Ben Graduated today from the 5th grade! I can’t believe he is finished with Elementary school. Boy has the time gone by so fast! Congratulations Ben! ]

Makeup Post 5-23-13

Catalina Graduated from Kindergarten today! We got to celebrate with an ice cream party!

Makeup Post 5-22-13

My niece graduated from High School today! So proud of her. She graduated in the top 10% of her class. She graduated from Doherty High School. She was in the 2013 graduating class. I graduated from Doherty High School in 1993… 20 years before her. So proud of you Brittany! Congratulations!

Makeup Post 5-21-13

Pictures from our walk in the rain to Kingsoopers Monday evening.

Makeup Post 5-20-13

Ben had a fun SOAR fieldtrip. He got to go to the Challenger Learning Center!!!

Makeup Post 5-19-13

Savannah and Catalina love their baby brother too ;)

Makeup Post 5-18-13

Josh and I went for a walk this evening... We walked to dinner :) And then we walked home... We mapquested it before we went and found out that it was 1.2 miles to the restaurant we were going to... It was two days later that we found it was actually 1.5 miles... Not going to trust mapquest again ;)

Makeup Post 5-17-13

Catalina reading to her baby brother :)

Makeup Post 5-16-13

Sleepy girl :)

Makeup Post 5-15-13

Entertaining kids!

Makeip Post 5-14-13

Funny girl!

Makeup Post 5-13-13

Sick kiddos make for a not so fun day :(

Makeup Post 5-12-13

Umm, this might be a problem...

Makeup Post 5-11-13

Happy baby!

Makeup Post 5-10-13

Spencer, Myra and I got to go on a field trip with Savannah and her class to the zoo. I was a beautiful day!

Makeup Post 5-9-13

Savannah got a few hairs cut ;)

Makeup Post 5-8-13

Savannah's choir concert!!!

Makeup Post 5-7-13

Spencer rocking out to Josh Jr's band concert... Or maybe zoning out ;)

Makeup Post 5-6-13

Savannah the hairstylist!!!

Makeup Post 5-5-13

I think Spencer found a new chew toy ;)

Makeup Post 5-4-13

Myra found a fun place to sleep ;)

Makeup Post 5-3-13

Myra sure LOVES her little brother!!!

Makeup Post 5-2-13

A beautiful sunset on the beach with great friends! This was not on our anniversary, but it was a great evening! Happy 15th anniversary Josh!