Friday, November 8, 2013

Makeup Post 10-6-13

Josh jr. is 14!!! Where have those years gone? Josh is a great young man… He is also a tall young man! In the last year he has grown probably 7-9 inches… He has long ago passed me, and quickly catching his father. He is in 8th grade, his last year at middle school. He is a great big brother (when he isn’t picking on them). He is a great kid, and we are so lucky to have him in our family.

Makeup Post 10-5-13

Weekend getaway to visit great friends.

Makeup Post 10-4-13

Road trip!

Makeup Post 10-3-13

Random picture of Myra at 3 months old

Makeup Post 10-2-13

My husband taught me a cool trick with my Ipad. Did you know you can take a picture of what is on the screen at the current time? I didn’t. But I love this feature! Now I don’t have to copy the recipes down to save them. Love it!

Makeup Post 10-1-13

Savannah got to have a friend’s birthday to ITZ for her birthday. They had a blast!

Makeup Post 9-30-13

Spencer turned 10 months old on Savannah's Birthday. Boy has that time flow by too fast! How I wish that there was a pause button to stop time! I love my babies. I always have. And time just seems to go faster and faster with each one. Spencer is a great baby. He loves to go, go, go! Now that he is crawling, there is no stopping him. Over the last month he has started to pull himself up on EVERYTHING and walk with ANYTHING he can. Spencer still has no teeth, but that doesn’t slow him down on eating. Spencer will eat anything he can, and he will holler if he thinks he isn’t getting his fair share. Spencer’s hair is slow in growing, but still has a red tint to it. His beautiful eyes are still blue, but I’m not holding my breath on them staying blue. He is such a sweet, happy, loving little boy!

Makeup Post 9-29-13

For Savannah’s 8th birthday she got her ears pierced. I have to admit that I thought she would cry. Savannah doesn’t usually do so well with pain. I had them go ahead and do both ears at the same time, afraid that she would not let them do her second ear if she had them done one at a time. Savannah really surprised me. Her look when they were done was that of surprise. I think she expected more from it. She barely blinked an eye :)

Makeup Post for 9-28-13

Savannah turned eight on the 28th of September. Our Stake Baptism day just happened o be her birthday. Savannah was able to be baptized that day. We had everyone back to our house after for a luncheon. It was a wonderful day! Savannah is such a sweet hearted little girl. She is quick to give others a shoulder to lean on. She loves to be with friend and family. She is a true “JOY” to have in the family!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Makeup Post 9-27-13

Wouldn’t the beach be nice on a cold day like this? And does anyone know what lives in that hole???

Makeup Post 9-26-13

I stumbled across some pictures from a couple years ago. We were on a walk in a park in Thermopolis Wyoming.

Makeup Post 9-25-13

Overheard conversation between Brooklyn and Myra ~ Brooklyn ~ Don’t eat your boogers! Myra ~ But they stuck to me. Brooklyn ~ Do boogers taste good? Myra ~ Yes! Yuck!!!