Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Catalina got to bring home Corduroy the Bear from preschool this last weekend.  She was suppose to read/listen to the book and then do some fun activities "with" Corduroy. 

We encouraged Catalina to bring Corduroy with us everywhere we went (some thing we don't normally do).  We had a great weekend with many fun activities. 

Lunch at Applebees

And because Catalina was to sick to go to preschool the last two days, we got to keep Corduroy a couple of extra days.  Catalina and Savannah were feeling good enough today that they went to preschool, and so Catalina returned Corduroy.  No bid deal, right??? 

Catalina fell asleep early tonight, and when Josh moved her to her bed she kind of woke up...  And then started to throw a fit...  Not about any one thing, just a fit...  That ended up with Catalina crying for Corduroy :(  She misses Corduroy!  So sad.  Luckily Daddy is a quick thinker and was able to help mend Catalina's broken heart with Lancelot Bear (that is another story).  Catalina is a happy, sleeping little girl again!

Here are some pictures of our fun weekend!

Love Cat's face!!!


Corduroy sharing Cat's drink


Always cheesy

An evening walk

Cousin Britany's
Birthday party

Grandma Julies for dinner

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Savannah Joy Case!

Savannah 2007

Today is Savannah's 5th Birthday!  Time has gone by WAY too fast.  As I am writing this I am cuddling with Savannah (at least I am at this point... but I write slow, so I am sure that she wont last), who unfortunately is sick :(  It's not fair being sick on your birthday.  But because she is sick she has gotten to watch a few movies...

Since it is Savannah's birthday I thought I would share her story today.  As with Brooklyn, I can not remember the day I found out that I was pregnant with her, but I am sure that I was very happy, and excited!  My due date for Savannah was October 3rd, 2005.  And we looked forward to meeting our new little bundle of "Joy". 

One of Savannah's great faces

This pregnancy started out like all the rest... throwing up!  I lost my standered 20 lbs., but I stilled loved being pregnant (I know I'm weird).  Every thing was going well until the 9th of April.  It was a normal Saturday.  We had Mindy and Tony over for dinner.  I got up to go to the bathroom and only made it into the kitchen before I went a warm rush of fluid going down my legs.  I could not believe I had peed my pants!  I didn't know what to do.  I quickly went into the bathroom to try and clean myself up as best I could knowing that I would have to walk past our friends to go and get dry clothes.

Savannah around 3 months old

It was then that I discovered that it was blood going down my legs and not pee (really not any better, but still a relief that I hadn't peed my pants).  The rest of the night is a blur.  I got cleaned up and Josh took me to the hospital.  We left Tony and Mindy with our three kids hoping that Josh mom would be able to come soon and relieve them.  It was a long night in the ER.  I wasn't far enough along to go up to labor and delivery.  We left the hospital with no answers, but to follow up with my OBGYN on Monday.


Monday brought answers that the hospital should have been able to give me.  I had placenta privia...  meaning the placenta was over the cervix and would be able to bleed.  This causes major problems and could mean lots of bed rest and hospital stays, and a c-section.  But because it was early in the pregnancy there was still a chance that the placenta could move...  OK not really the placenta moving, but the uterus growing and stretching would move the placenta away from the cervix.  But we would have to wait and see... and I needed bed rest to begin with!

I love her smile!

Now bed rest might sound like a fun idea...  if I didn't have three kids...  and the youngest was only 19 months at the time...  But we made it work.  We lowered the railing on Brooklyn's crib and taught her how to climb in and out of bed.  Lucky for us Brooklyn was my first (and only) child that didn't really like to be cuddled to sleep.  Starting at about three months old Brooklyn would want to be laid down in bed to go to sleep on her own...  this continued as she got older...  So at 19 months it would work for me to walk with her up to bed and have her lay her self down for a nap.  And so started Brooklyn climbing.

Complete bed rest lasted for two weeks (and I have to admit that I would get up some... probably more than I was suppose to, but come on I had three kids to take care of and I am not good about asking for help).  Then I had partial bed rest for the next couple of weeks.  After that I was able to return to normal activity levels, but I wasn't really suppose to lift too much.

Goofing off!

The rest of the pregnancy went by fast, with no stresses.  We learned somewhere around 20 weeks that we were going to have a girl.  We also learned that the placenta had moved with the growing uterus and was no longer over the cervix.  This meant a lot less likely chances of more bleeding.  But because I did bleed during the pregnancy I had to see the doctor A LOT!!!  Starting at 30 weeks I had to have two stress test a week, two ultra sounds a week, and see the doctor once a week.  This meant that I was at the doctors office A LOT!!!  Sometimes three days a week.  Thank goodness we have lot of family in town and they were able to help watch the older kids.

With having ultra sounds twice a week we knew what way baby was facing...  And Baby was a swimmer!  Towards the end of the pregnancy Dr. B (Dr. Bianco for those who have missed my other baby stories) started to get concerned about the fact that baby did not have her head down.  And at 36 weeks he suggested we go to the hospital and have her turned so that I wouldn't need to have a c-section.  We set up to have to have baby turned at 37 weeks.

Savannah loves her baths

Josh and I got to the hospital bright and early that morning.  And the nurse started to get things ready for inversion (turning the baby).  One of the things that they do is another ultra sound... And low and behold...  Baby has turned all on her own!  Yay!  So we went home!

Four days later Josh and I are watching some TV  when there is MASSIVE movement in my belly!  When we go back to Dr. B's for our next appointment (four days later) baby is breach again :(  At this point we deiced to wait until Dr. B could induce to try and turn baby.  That way she can't flip again.  And so we are scheduled to go to the hospital early on the 28th.

New Years Eve 2005

The 28th comes and Josh and I get to the hospital for inversion with the hope that baby has turned on her own.  A quick check with the ultra sound revealed that baby has not turned :(  Lucky for me Dr. B was able to get baby to turn doing an inversion...  It was Very painful!  In fact I think I hurt more the day after from the inversion than from giving birth... but I didn't have to have a c-section.

Because baby had been sitting on her butt and not her head, I was not ready to have a baby...  So Josh and I spent a rather long day in the hospital waiting for my body to get the idea that it should have a baby...  After a couple of doses of meds my body started to get the idea, and Dr. B was able to break my water around 4:15 pm.  He told me it would still be a couple of hours before I had the baby.  He had another minor procedure to do in the hospital that should take 45 minutes and then he would come back and check on me...

Halloween 2009

I'll save you the details of the next hour, because things went so fast it is a blur for me.  I remember that they put me on O2 because baby's heart rate started dropping with each contraction.  They also turned the IV fluids way up to help the baby out.  Our kind nurse kept paging Dr. B that things were moving fast and that he should come, but he was tied up with the other procedure.  Baby came SO fast that only Josh and I and ONE nurse were in the room when baby started to come.  The nurse yelled for the Dr. in the hall (Dr. Hammond... I still remember the nurse yelling for her) to come and help.  Dr. Hammond came in to the room in time to deliver the body (head was already out) and remove the cord from around baby's neck (the reason why her heart rate was dropping with each contraction).

Savannah Joy Case came into the world at 5:22 pm.  Dr, B got there in time to deliver the placenta...  Savannah weighed in at 6 lbs. 6 oz.  She was 20 and 3/4 inches long.  She had a little light brown hair (very little) and big blue eyes (that were brown by 2 months old).  Josh Jr. was in the middle of a soccer game when we called to tell the kids.

Thermopolis 2008

Savannah is a very sweet sensitive little girl.  She has always been concerned for others, and wants people to be happy.  To night she got to "stay up as late as she wanted too".  We watched Peter Pan II - Return to Neverland.  We ate popcorn and had soda (I was happy to see her eat) and she said it was just like going to the movies, and that it was the best night ever :)  I agree!

Saturday, September 25, 2010


They moved already!!!

We have been officially in this house for over 6 months (7 months is coming up quick).  And we are still getting mail for the previous owners... Like 401k looking stuff...  You'd think they'd want it.  It seems like every time we go to the mail we end up with another one or two letters to go back out... Over 6 months!  We have been here over 6 months!  When is it ever going to end???

Friday, September 24, 2010

How do you know???

How do you know when Josh (Sr.) has been holding Myra???  Besides the big grin from Myra (which she still won't do for the camera)???

"I see the camera mom,
and so I won't smile"!

This is how...

That would be Myra's hair!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Short and Sweet

I think I am getting sick :(  I don't think it is fair for moms to ever get sick...  With that being said tonight's blog is short and sweet. 
Better picture of the bear hat

Bear hat

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Just a few of the pictures
Savannah did today

Savannah and Catalina LOVE to color pictures!  I mean LOVE!!!  They draw sooooo many that I often throw them away (OK really most of them end up in the trash).  Most of the time the picture is on scrap paper and drawn with a pencil.  But lately the have been coloring in coloring books (and we have a lot of these too).  But when the girls start coloring they usually color several pages in one sitting.  Which adds up to A LOT of picture (of mostly just scribbles).
Pencil picture

Sunday afternoon I was straighting up and came across a picture Catalina had made a few days back.  It was on the ground... again.  I picked it up and crumpled it, and then put it in the trash...  Cat found it.

The one I threw away :(

I didn't see it happen (my sister-in-law did), but I am told that she pulled it out of the trash and while trying to flatten it back out she said... "I made this picture so nice for mommy, and she just threw it away..."  She then walked off sad to hide/put away the picture.  I felt soooooo bad :(

Monday, September 20, 2010



Bear Hat
Hat number four is done.  It is my favorite so far.  And it fits Myra perfectly.  I should get back to knitting Myra's blanket, but my needles broke, and I haven't made it to a store yet to get a new one.  So for now I will keep knitting hats.  No surprise that I am a good way into my fifth hat.  But this one is bigger for Cat.  Hopefully it will fit her.  Right now it looks like it will be way to big.  But that is what I thought about the last one, so we'll see. 

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Tonight we went to dinner at my parents house.  We often have a family dinner with all of us in town at my parent's house, but tonight was a special occasion (and not just Rick and Mandy's 4th anniversary although that is something to celebrate). 

Bob and Jaxon

Tonight Bob and Helen had Jaxon blessed.  It was a very special evening, and I am glad that we were able to spend it with our family.

Bob and Helen have only been here in Colorado for a little less than two months.  It has been great to have Bob and his kids back in town.  I have missed them.  And I am so grateful to have gotten to know Helen and Jaxon.  Helen is so sweet and Jaxon is adorable.  They are a great addition to our family.

I look forward to the years to come spending time with family, and seeing my kids grow up and be friends with their cousins!

(I don't have a picture from tonight, but here is a cute picture of Bob with Jaxon)

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Myra 9-18-10
Wearing her new hat
(more pictures on that to come)


Josh and Myra at the hosptial

I can't believe that another month has came and gone!  Time just doesn't seem to be slowing down at all!  We got first quater progress reports for the kids?!?!?  They have been in school long enough to send home progress reports???  Savannah and Catalina are in preschool as well.  So four days a week,  for three hours, I only have Myra (if I have mentioned this before sorry... but I am to tired to go through all my old blogs to look)!  I thought that I would get SO much done with all that time!  And I especially thought that I would get a nap or two in each week...  That would not be the case...  In fact I think the only time I have gotten a nap in was earlier this week (yes the time when I over slept and didn't go back to get the girls until WAY late)!!!  SO no naps + way to busy = Another month is gone.  That being said, here is another list of things Myra can do.

Myra 7-18-10
*Still wiggles a lot!  Turns onto side, but does not explore going all the way over (but doesn't get a lot of time to wiggle on the ground...)
*Sleeps good... mostly...  6 am seems to be as late as she will sleep
*Loves to eat!
*Smiles even more than last month.  I love to get her out of bed after she has slept for a little while.  She gives you THE best smiles!!!  But still not for the camera :(
*Has giggled... only twice... and not for very long
*Has found her tongue... and likes to lick EVERYTHING with it
*Also found her hands... they are often wet from being licked :)
Myra 8-18-10
*Sleeps good in her bed, will even fall a sleep on her own in her bed occasionally
*Still long and thin... was in the 75% for height (23 inches) at her last visit (two weeks ago), and 15% for weight (9 lbs. 12 oz.)
*Her hair still looks red
*Eyes are still blue
*Still most loved Baby EVER!!!

Friday, September 17, 2010


I am so blessed to have married such a wonderful man!  He treats me like a queen.  Today is Josh's birthday. He always takes my birthday off and spoils me, but unfortunately he had to work today.  And not only did he have to work, but it was a very busy day...

We were able to go out this evening for dinner and a movie (actually we went home for the movie), but I never feel like I can compete with what Josh does for me.   But I guess that's what next year is for :)  I hope that one of these years I can out do him!


I have been too busy doing this...
Butterfly hat

To bother doing much else!  Sorry!  I'm addicted.  I am almost finished with my 4th hat.  This one is a bear.  So I have made two bee hats, and a butterfly, and almost done with a bear.  And I'm sure there will be many more to come :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Myra sucking her thumb
I must be short on sleep...  I dropped Catalina and Savannah off at preschool today and then headed out to run to a couple stores (Josh's birthday is Friday and I need to get him a gift).  It took a little longer to get my shopping done than I hope (I hadn't eaten lunch either), but I got home with enough time to grab a little lunch and rest for a few minutes before it was time to go get the girls from preschool.  Myra was sleeping (in the car seat), and I sat down to finish a show I was watching while I ate my lunch.

I remember finishing the show... And thinking that I had about 20 minutes before it would be time to leave to get the girls, and that I really shouldn't fall a sleep or I might be late getting to the preschool...

Not today
But you get the idea
Next thing I know my phone is ringing and I can't figure out why it would be light in the middle of the night, and my watch must have the wrong time on it for it to be this light out...  All these thoughts went through my head as I was trying to find my phone and answer it...

It was 3:20 (pm) and preschool gets out at 3:10!  It was the preschool on the phone asking if someone was coming to get Catalina and Savannah...

I think I might go to bed earlier tonight :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I have an addiction!!!  OK I actually have many, but today I am going to share one of them....  I am addicted to winning!  I don't mean board games or Fantasy Football (my oldest son Josh Jr. actually beat me this last week in our fantasy football game).  I mean winning STUFF.  Like from the radio. Or other give-a-ways.  I have a VERY hard time not trying to go for it.  I always call on radio give-a-ways...  And there was a time when I won ALL the time.

It was about 7 years ago (wow how time flies!).  We had moved to a new house (not the one we are in now) and had given up cable.  This was very hard on me.  Shortly after we moved, we found out we were expecting our third child.  I was very sick for the first few months of the pregnancy, and we had NO TV for the two boys (ages 3 and 1 at the time) to watch.  We didn't even get the local channels.  I will admit that I let them watch a lot of movies (I was sick... lost 20 lbs from throwing up and not being able to eat).  But after awhile I got very bored with watching the movies with them (I still have a hard time watching animated movies with my kids).  We didn't have Internet so there was no computer to play on either.  I did read... A LOT!!!  I read the complete "Work and the Glory" series along with two or three other series with 8 or more books, and several random other books.  But that too would get boring at times.  And so the radio would go on.

Pirates of the Caribbean

After awhile of listening you start to figure DJs out.  If the give-a-way was a question that you had to answer I would figure it out.  The DJs would give sly clues and if you listened often enough you would pick up on them.  Other DJs would always do their "Be the 9th caller to win" give-a-ways at about the same time each day.  It only took listening for a couple of weeks to know what station gave away stuff at what time.  I would listen to a station at certain times each day and then switch to another station after that give-a-way was done.  I even had a note with all the radio station numbers written down so I could call fast.

I won LOTS!!!  I mean LOTS!!!  And winning didn't really give me enough of a fix.  I had to win again and again.  But with most radio stations you can only win every three weeks, for all the stations owned by one company.  Sometimes I cheated and won for my sister when I was not able to win (because I had just won).  I would (and still do) call any time I heard a DJ say to be the ??? caller.

I have won movie tickets... The first Pirates movie, Charlie's Angles, the last Indiana Jones movie, and MANY more.

I have won tickets to the state fair and Colbie Caillat's concert

I have won gift certificate to Manitu Springs shops

I have won gift cards to many different food places... Panera bread, Chick-fil-a, Sonic, McDonald's

I have won tickets to the Parade of Homes


I won many more things that I have forgotten

I love to win!!!

The reason behind today's post is...  I won today!!!  My friend recently started a new blog that has a give-a-way a day.  And I won the first give-a-way!  I won $100 gift card to shops in downtown Colorado Spring.  I am so excited!!!  And now I want to win more :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

I cant...

Whenever I ask (or tell) the kids to do something the answer often is...  Hang on, or just a sec...  But Cat likes to answer "I can't"!  Tonight Catalina was avoiding eating her dinner yet again (what a shock!).  She was too busy giving Myra loves to eat.  When I told Cat to go eat, her response was "I can't, 'cause Myra has my hand."
Catalina and Myra
Myra holding onto Cat's thumb

Myra was holding on to Cat's hand...  So cute!  I missed the picture (camera was not near by), but here are a couple from the night we brought Myra home from the hospital.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


I love to read!  There is almost always a book I am reading.  I think after Myra was born that I was actually reading three different books.  I had one in my room to read, one in Myra's room to read, and one out in the living room to read...  Guess I am lazy...  I didn't want to remember to bring the books with me from room to room :)  I'm only reading one book right now (OK technically I am reading two, but I haven't picked up one for many weeks and don't see myself actually finishing it).  I love to read.

Josh Jr.
The love to read has rubbed off on the kids.  They all enjoy a good book.  And there have been many time that we have caught kids reading at night...  And many times we have had to take books away from the kids as punishment.

This afternoon I got to be read too... By my three year old and four year old...  They would make up a story to go a long with the pictures...  It was so cute!  Until they started to fight over whose turn it was to read to me.  Catalina's book was a "chapter" book, and Savannah didn't think it was fair for Cat to read the "whole" book.  So they compromised...  Cat would read me one "chapter"  and then Savannah would read her book to me :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Goodbye Summer... Hello Fall!!!

How do you know it's fall???
Brooklyn Diving in!

We sleep with our windows open at night during the summer.  It has been cold in the house the last week or so at night.  Makes it REALLY hard to get out of bed and take care of a hungry baby during the night.

Catalina Jumping in
But I think for me the pool closing really marks fall...  We are members of this little community pool that is open from Memorial day to Labor day.  This was our third year as members....  All though I grew up swimming at this pool.  I learned to swim here... Learned the consequences of not listening to someone in authority (that's a story for another day)...  Had my first home business here (also a story for another day)...  My first "real" job was at this pool...  Many first!
Catalina was very proud
she passed her swim class

For the last two summers I have been on the Pool Board (we run the pool).  And that means we get out membership free.  I have to admit that is why I ran for the board.  For a free membership!  I guess I was a little naive on what being on the board would entail...  It is SO not worth a free membership :)  Mostly kidding (all though after this summer I really think... I guess we'll see how Monday night goes and then I will decide).  But along with all the meetings, and things the pool board is responsible for opening the pool each spring and closing the pool each fall.
Myra's First time swimming

Today was the closing of the pool, technically it closed Monday, but we were doing the final task to get the pool ready for winter.  I spent 3 hours at the pool today taking things a part and getting things ready for winter...  I worked my butt off...  I thought it was going to be cool today, and even grabbed a sweat shirt as I walked out the door...  But instead of a cool rainy day...  I got sunburned, and there was a point during the time at the pool that I thought about jumping in the half full pool (if the water had looked a little cleaner I might have done it).
Josh Jr. Swimming

Ben and Josh Jr.
And so with the closing of the pool I bid summer farewell.  I  know technically we still have 11 days until fall, but for me Fall is here (now if only Mother Nature would agree :)
Savannah swimming
 to her teacher