Monday, December 17, 2012

Spencer Joseph Case


Welcome to the family Spencer Joseph Case!  Spencer is the lucky number seven baby for our family.  He joined our family on Wednesday November 28th at 3:42 pm.  He was reluctant to join us :)  In the fact that he wanted to sit sideways in my belly!  In fact we had him turned...  Twice...  Almost three times! 

Because of my "Advance Maternal Age" I was lucky enough to go to the doctor every week for the last 8 weeks of my pregnancy.  Every week I also had an ultra sound (to make sure that Spencer was growing well).  Every week we got to peek into "Little Dudes" world.  And every week he was in a different position.  Sideways seemed to be his preferred choice.  The doctor told me around 34 weeks that Spencer would turn soon, because sideways would not be comfortable...  The morning Spencer was born, he was still sideways ;)

Welcome Spencer!

Ten days before Spencer's birth we went to the hospital to have Little Dude turned (little dude is Spencer's nick name).  He was sideways that day as well.  With a little bit of coaxing he finally turned.  After monitoring him for an hour, we went home to enjoy the rest of our Sunday.  It was a beautiful day, and I suggested to Josh a couple hours later that we take a walk (and maybe get some contractions going).  Not even 15 minutes later I could feel Little Dude turn!  And turn many more times he did.
6 lbs. 15 oz.

The 28th was the first day after I reached 39 weeks that Dr. Shelton (a new doctor for us) was on call, and so the first day that we could be set up to be induced.  We went in bright and early (thanks Jodie for coming and getting the kids off to school).  Ultra sound revealed that little dude was still sideways.  Dr. Shelton turned little dude...  And then little dude tried to turn right back...  Dr. Shelton had to literally hold him (through my belly) in place for a couple minutes to get little dude to stop trying to turn back... We had  a fear at one point that he had actually turned again, but thankfully he did not :)

First Bath
The next few hours were boring...  Slowish moving labor, that was non eventful...  Dr. Shelton came back around 1:30 and broke my water...  The next two hours were a little more busy, and painful :)   Spencer came into the world at 3:42 with one push.

Ready to go home
Spencer is a calm, happy, content baby.  He loves to be held, which is good since he has 6 brothers and sisters waiting in line to hold him the minute they walk in the door.  He has DARK blue eyes (for now) and the same reddish hair that Myra has!  We love Spencer, and are so happy to have him in our family!

The little girls had a cough
 and had to wear a mask :)