Saturday, July 27, 2013

Makeup Post 7-23-13

More fun pictures from Arizona

Makeup Post 7-22-13

Gilbert Temple

Makeup Post 7-21-13

You sure see fun signs on long drives… I couldn’t get a picture of them, because I was driving ;) But they were fun to read… Sign 1 ~ seen on July 14th, in New Mexico or Arizona~ Watch for Snow Plows. Sign 2 ~ seen on July 19th, in Arizona ~ Road Work October 2009 – July 2013. Really snow plows in July??? And almost FOUR years for road work???

Makeup Post 7-20-13

I already showed that Myra isn’t a fun bed mate… But she sure picks fun ways to sleep! Oh and by the way, she was a sleep on the air matrices when I went to bed!

Makeup Post 7-19-13

What better way to get out energy after a LONG day in the car… Playing in the park with friends!

Makeup Post 7-18-13

More fun swimming pictures! Myra has NO fear!

Makeup Post 7-17-13

Myra is not a fun bed mate!

Makeup Post 7-16-13

Swimming at Grandma’s house was fun! The kids LOVED it! The younger girls would have lived in the water if they could have… They practically did. They would swim up to 8 hours during the day (even Myra). We had a lot of fun taking pictures while we swam (LOVE my water proof camera). Sadly, I accidently erased the first couple days of pictures :( Here are some fun underwater picture from our trip!

Makeup post 7-15-13

I love Catalina! But she can be a bit of a drama queen. While driving the 800 some odd miles to grandma’s house I was asked multiple times if we were there yet, how much longer, and my favorite ~ where are we. When I answered Catalina’s question of where are we with “The Middle of No Where” I overheard her exclaim to her sisters… “We are lost! Mom doesn’t know where we are!” Got to love that girl!

Makeup Post 7-14-13

Long car trips are not always the most fun… Especially when you are a lone adult driving with 5-7 kids… Long car trips are especially hard on the younger ones. Poor Spencer did not enjoy the driving part of the trip to grandma’s house! But it sure was a pretty drive, but Spencer was more than happy to get out of the car! How do you make a grumpy baby happy on a long car drive??? Probably not the best answers, but they worked ;)

Saturday, July 13, 2013


Myra saw a video from several months back. She was slap happy in the video and had put a pillowcase over her head and was running around crazy. After watching the video, Myra decided to try it again ;)

Friday, July 12, 2013

What a gift?

When I woke up this morning I discovered a gift one of my girls had left for me… Under the pillow… I vaguely remembered (this morning) that the girls had hinted at a “surprise” they had left me… I sure wish I had remembered last night. The “surprise ended up being chocolate candies of some sort… It was hard to tell this morning with them being all melted and squished ;)

Makeup Post 7-11-13

Family pictures from a little while back.

Makeup Post 7-10-13

Look who can move ALL over the place :)

Makeup Post 7-9-13

Myra trying on her cousins helmet, elbow and knee pads. So cute!