Sunday, June 23, 2013

Makeup Post 6-10-13

Josh and Josh Jr. left for scout camp early on the 10th, leaving me with the rest of the kiddos. Brooklyn and Ben both ended up spending the night at their cousin’s house that evenining… Leaving me with the four youngest… Something’s wrong with this picture when three kids are gone, and I still have four at home, man I have a lot of kids ;) The four kiddos and I had a fun evening together. I spoiled them and took them out to dinner (after we ran up to scout camp to drop off Josh Jr.’s contacts). We then came home and enjoyed the beautiful evening riding bikes out front (and taking a few pictures). It was a great evening with my little family ;) FYI ~ Myra was there too, she just didn't want to pose for pictures!

Makeup Post 6-9-13

Catalina had her 6th birthday! In our house that means she gets to have a kid birthday party (we only do them every other year for the kids). This was her first birthday party with friends! Catalina had a very specific list of people to invite and never wavered from who she wanted to come. Unfortunately some of her friends were out of town that day, so it ended up being a smaller party, but they all still had fun. Cat also had a specific list of things she wanted to do at the party, but due to weather some of the things had to be replaced with different activities. Over all I think it ended up being a great first kids birthday party for Catalina!

Makeup Post 6-8-13

We went to the movie Thursday evening (on the 6th) for Catalina’s birthday. We went and saw The Croods. It was a great movie, and I really enjoyed it. I sat near the end of the isle with Spencer in case I needed to make a quick exit (but he ended up taking a nap and didn’t need to leave). But it was Myra that wanted to make a quick exit… Towards the end of the movie things start to get more intense (for a three year old anyway). Myra decided that she didn’t want to stay. She tried to squeeze past me and leave, all the while telling me “I go out, and then I come back in… I scared! I scared! I leave now! I scared!”

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Makeup Post 6-7-13

Spencer’s first time eating food! He LOVED it!

Makeup Post 6-6-13

Someone turned 6 today! Catalina is such a joy to have in our family. She sure knows what she wants from life. She had her WHOLE Birthday planed out. I was lucky enough to get to hang out with her the whole day ;) I love my sweet Catalina!

Makeup Post 6-5-13

Sometimes learning things get you in sticky situations.

Makeup Post 6-4-13

Cute stuff!

Makeup Post 6-3-13

We got new sidewalks!!

Makeup Post 6-2-13

Spencer's new trick :)

Makeup Post 6-1-13

We had a garage sale on the 31st of May and then again on the 1st of June... I neglected Spencer a little bit (it was way too cold for him to be outside). He learned over those days how to grump at me for ignoring him.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Makeup Post 5-31-13

It's about that time. It’s time to move Spencer from his cradle to the crib. He fills the cradle and could really use more room. Spencer takes his naps throughout the day in his room in the crib. And he seems just fine and happy there. But every time I think about putting him in at night, something comes up. He will have a string of not sleeping through the night episodes, or Josh will head out of town, and I’d rather just have him closer… But I know one day soon I will just have to commit and let him sleep at night in his room. It just means my baby is growing up :(

Makeup Post 5-30-13

So sweet, especially when a sleep.

Makeup Post 5-29-13

Who one the sleepy war?

Makeup Post for 5-28-13

Spencer is 6 months old!!! How did that happen??? Spencer is THE happiest baby ever. He is such a good baby. We all love him to pieces! His 6 months stats are... 27 inches long, putting him in the 75% for height. 14 lbs 8 oz, moving him into 8% for weight. His hair is still slow in growing (except for a few longer hairs on the back) and his eyes are still blue. He has rolling over down, but hasn’t figured out that he can get places if he keeps rolling (but that is coming soon). I can’t imagine life without Spencer.